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Full Version: Xbmc & 16x9 gui
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i have a strange problem that (i think) just showed in the latest xbmc versions (i'm running today's cvs, 27 nov 2004). i have a jvc widescreen tv and have set my xbox to widescreen ntsc in the ms dash. it also shows it is 16:9 ntsc in xbmc, but when i have my tv in the auto-zoom mode it zooms the image in "panoramic" mode, normally used to zoom 4:3 sources to fill the 16:9 screen, while it should be in "full screen" mode which it uses for anamorpic 16:9 sources.

the strange thing is that when i boot my xbox it switches to this "real" 16:9 format (the "full screen format") but as soon as xbmc load it switches back to the 4:3 ("panoramic") format. so, xbmc (ran in 16:9) must signal itself as 4:3 or something during boot-up. this results in over-zooming the allready 16:9 image and thus the outer areas of the source-image become invisible.

another odd thing is that when i go to the xbmc settings and flip it from 16:9 to 4:3 and back to 16:9 again, it then does recognise it as an anamorphic *real* 16:9 source.
you have a version with the splash screen, right?

if so, i'd say it's been fixed already (there was an issue with hdtv as well caused by the splash screen).
i do yes, but i even removed the splash screen and it still happens....

where dit it get fixed in? in the skin or in the xbmc package itseld? i don't see a changelog mentioned in the cvs about it....

/edit: i just updated to the lastest cvs (revision 1.328) and the problem is still present.
same problem here - with 16x9 pal...

xbmc cvs build 2004-11-28.

(batnun @ nov. 28 2004,17:38 Wrote:xbmc cvs build 2004-11-28.
what time? :p try a later 2004-11-28
as stated before, revision 1329, and i don't see any fix posted in the cvs so i'm wondering where this fix is then.

compiled the one till rev 1332 and now its fixed, yay!