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Full Version: Importing my Media Browser Library to XBMC
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Im having serious trouble bringing my media center library to XBMC.

my library is setup as follows


the local data is ignored for my TVshows folder and works when using XBMC built in scrapers. My Movies folder however does not work at all, i tried renaming all my folder.jpg to fanart and that sort of works, however im guessing the mymovies.xml buggers up everything, as it will not show movie info.

Anyway, could someone tell me the best way to convert this over. I got 2TB of movies and tv, if i have to go in and delete all *jpg and *xml files its gonna take for ever. My goal is to use a standalone program to scrape and save all metadata locally.

I was using meta-browser for Windows Media Center and it was pretty straight forward, I would appreciate any suggestions for a XBMC compatible program. Ive tried M.I.P and it just crashed on my PC.

First step of troubleshooting: Do a debug log while scanning one movie (just C on the folder -> movie information).

Post it to pastebin (the whole log) and link from here.

Someone else had problems on here recently and it was the mymovies.xml causing the problem so that's most probably got to go, you could delete them all in one go just search your movies directory for .xml then just select them all in the search result window and hit delete no need to do them one at a time

If your happy with you local artwork you could use "Flexable Renaimer" to change them all to fanart.jpg in one go its free and easy to use, wouldn't backdrop.jpg be fanart.jpg though ?


If you want to use a external scraper as well after then try Ember Media Manager
Thanks for the help X

I deleted all the mymovies.xml files and renamed the "backdrop.jpg" to "fanart.jpg"

Interestingly if i just go to videos/files/movies it shows my movies with a backdrop and a poster, all looks good. However is if go to videos/library everything is still messed up. Im gonna try and figure out how to get a debug log. Im running XBMC on Win 7.
Got a log file to check out


There appears to be some errors going on
You should NOT have needed to delete the mymovies.xml files. Nor did you need to rename your backdrop files. Before doing ANYTHING do the Debug Log.

Now, on to the Debug Log. That's not a Debug Log, or at least you didn't have it set to debugging during scanning.

I suggest turning on debug logging, then going to a movie folder and pressing "C" then "Movie Information". If it's already in the library, press Refresh.

Then grab the Debug Log and we can take a look.

I turned debugging on in the GUI i have no idea how else to do it.


I rebuilt my library to the way it was originally, i use MetaBrowser to scrape my media.

The deal is if i go videos/files/movies it works fine.

If i set the content of my movies folder to movies and it is added to the library only the plot will show up.
O:\Media\Movies\10 Items or Less (2006)\mymovies.xml

What does that file contain? Pastebin the contents please.

Sorry for giving you the wrong info I broke my own rule and didn't check first otherwise I would have seen they were supported :o
Well apparently something is not supported, hehe Atleast in the libray mode
If its supported why is it not working?


Sorry i didnt realize I had already posted, In my haste i did not notice my last post was on a second page.
Patience, patience, once Jonathan gets a look at the files you graciously posted (for once a user that listens), he will be able to determine the next step.
Posted mymovies.xml works for me, but it seems as if it's an older version as there are no cast/person types in the file.
Strangely enough when I add my "movies" folder I cannot seem to get into library mode?
Must be some new update thing, or only xbmc scraped folders?

Once again any help would be appreciated

vdrfan...... am i possibly missing something along the way that tells XBMC to read or search my media folders for the .xml files?


Scratch this post, I figured it out. Thanks for the help, Sorry for the brainfart
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