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Full Version: [HOW TO] Create a smart playlist and add it to Home
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Really more people should know about and use smart playlists. Hopefully a 'How To' video will help. The video shows me creating a Smart Playlist to filter only HD Movies and adding that playlist to Home.

YOUTUBE LINK - obviously viewing in 720 will shows things more clearly...

1. Enter movies, go back twice by clicking ".." twice
2. Click on playlists
3. Click on "New smart playlist"
4. Enter a title
5. Create a rule, it's simple you'll figure it out
**For filtering HD material**
First box - Video resolution
Second box - Greater than
Then type "700" in the box
6. Then you're pretty much done
Very nice!
didnt even know About this option.
This would make my movie collection much more orginized and
easy to view.

TnxBig Grin
ohh sweet. didn't know u could change view on a playlist. if ever xbmc get a good/working musicvideo library i will put it on home.
surely "greater than 720" means that any movie 721 and above will get shown, but never the 720 and below? But seeing as 720 is HD we need them included?
MrLobster Wrote:surely "greater than 720" means that any movie 721 and above will get shown, but never the 720 and below? But seeing as 720 is HD we need them included?

Good catch, I put "540" for myself because that helps, for me atleast, catch 4-5 other movies that aren't really HD but definatley good enough quality that I want included...
Do you know if the smart playlist works with the "PATH" option for network shares? All of my movies are on a server and I can filter them by the different options such as MPAA rating but if I try to point the smart playlist to an "smb://path" it shows empty. Maybe I'm missing the point of the PATH option?

I seem to have stumbled on an answer. When I use the PATH option with the variable IS, it does not work but if I use the PATH option with the variable CONTAINS, all is well. Maybe that can help someone else playing around with smart playlists.
i personally dont allow the ".." option to exist in views .. another way to access the playlists is to go into the movies submenu on the main menu screen .. and select playlist

then continue what mcborzu said Smile

also, i use path as my rule .. "path contains 1080p" and "path contains 720p"

this hits all my 1080p/720p movies cause all my movie dir names have the tag (as does the root movie dir too (z:\movies-1080p & y:\movies-720p)
Alrighty since it seems popular I added it underneath global time. Should be up tomorrow...
Mcborzu, you should "Sticky" this thread so more people see it.

cool... i have to try it!
not good with too many sticky threads. add solution to faq and link to this thread if it's necessary.
This is pretty cool, I don't know why I haven't looked into this before. I'm curious, what other playlists are people making?
everything u want i guess. homemade movies, individual sports, musicvideos, favorite actors. the sky is the limit Tongue
Unfortunately, I still can't get this to work on my system.

On both my existing build, and the brand new HTPC build I just made with Dharma Beta 4, nothing happens when I click 'New Smart Playlist.'
I set up a smart playlist for movies < 720, but i still have 720 and 1080 movies in the list, what does it use to filer the files?
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