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Full Version: XBMC + Apple TV + URC MX-900 (How do I exit XBMC with my universal remote?)
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I have XBMC installed on my Apple TV. I have a URC MX-900 Remote and the software needed to edit it.

Anyways I need a way to guarantee an exit of xbmc with the remote using this setup. Being able to use the many other remote commands would be nice but not a must have.

Right now I send a bunch of apple tv "menu" ir signals with delays in between then a "hold menu" to bring up the shutdown options "then a play/select" to shutdown xbmc. While this does normally exit me out it takes a long time (10 sec) and could potentially do something I do not want it to do.

So, keymap.xml, remote settings in input device setting, accept keyboard presses... what in the world should I do?
Well I was able to find a way to exit xbmc but not able to work with the full set of buttons.

I downloaded the keymap.xml file from section C step 3 in this post


and placed it in ~/Library/Application\ Support/XBMC/userdata/

and changed

<!-- hold play -->
<button id="7">Fullscreen</button>


<!-- hold play -->
<button id="7">XBMC.ShutDown()</button>

now by holding the play button XBMC will exit to frontrow.

NOTE: Input devices settings... Apple remote - standard, Allow start of XBMC - unchecked, Remote sends keyboard presses - unchecked, enable mouse - unchecked.

I would still like to get all the functions working if anyone knows how?