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Full Version: [LIVE] using XBMC as a NAS server
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i'm using my XBMC both for my media-playing as well as 2TB of storage.

if a friend brought over a drive and i wanted to copy some stuff to it, what's the fastest way to remotely transfer files?

if i browse the drives as network shares on my windows machine, copying files from one external HD to the other only goes at about 1 meg/s. if i use the file browser in XBMC it is more like 20 or 30 megs/s, but this isn't practical for copying a lot of different things at once.

likewise, SCP is no good (at least, winSCP is no good) because it first copies everything to a temporary file locally, and then must copy the temporary file back to the XBMC...

anyone who has found a nice solution to this, please let me know!
FTP would be maybe the fastest way to copy. But not the more practical one.
Not an expert but I just use SFTP which is supposed to be faster than FTP. Its easy on a linux machine but may be more difficult/slower/impossible on a windows machine.

If your familiar with linux you could run a live CD on your friends computer, mount his windows drives and then browse to the network drive via sftp. I did this today on a friends computer and was getting about 6-10 MBps. To do this:

Open gparted to find out the name of the windows disk you wish to copy to eg sdba
sudo mkdir /mnt/win
sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdba /mnt/win

The open nautilus (ie the file browser) and type
sftp://<address of XBMC NAS>

Then you can just drag and drop in the file window