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Full Version: 2 Identical machines, one fine one broken!!!
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Hi Guys
I have a very funny situation:
2 machines, identical in build, except the one runs on a P4 DUO and one on a P4 QUAD. Both running:
2. rsync
5. NVIDIA 240 cards
6. Same MB, MEM(2GIG)

1. On the QUAD, I can not do a shutdown, or restart, but I can on the DUOHuh
2. On the QUAD, I sometimes fall into the SHELL LOGIN and it does not go to the GUI, on the DUE is does'nt.

There are no errors reported in the XBMC.LOG or the MESSAGES or the DMESG files.

I am pulling my hair out, as I do not want to do to rectify the problem wihtout doing a re-install....

Thanx for your time
Aubrey (South Africa)
So, I take it no-one knows?
Check xorg's log.