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Full Version: Stacking issue, moviea.avi, movieb.avi
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Seem to have a stacking issue with certain releases such as Aliens

Directory structure:

Disc1 and Disc2 contain rar files, and the .avi files inside the rars are named
incite-aliena-int.avi and incite-alienb-int.avi

I tried adding this regexp to the stacking in advancedsettings.xml:
<regexp>(.*?)([ ._-]*[abcd])(.*?)(\.[^.]+)$</regexp>

But it didn't work.. debug log says this: http://pastebin.com/V9g0CJ1j

First I thought it was due to the no space between Disc and the number + the default stacking rules, but tried renaming that and it made no difference.

So I took the "movie1, movie2" (only to be used with dir-per-movie structure) regexp from the wiki and modified it to abcd, and thought that would work, but no difference...

Help? Smile
Try renaming the folders to CD1/CD2 as a starting point perhaps? I don't think the algorithm will run unless the folders are first stacked down.
Mmm, is there no way of getting it to stack folders named "Disc"? I have a lot of those.. Sad