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Full Version: [LIVE/LINUX] Remote Response Slows After Several Button Presses
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I have a strange issue where XBMC becomes very slow to respond to my MCE remote after about 20 button presses. When first booting or coming out of standby the remote is very responsive, even to held buttons, but after a bit of use it slows way down. If I wait a while then it returns to being responsive again.

I'm using XBMC Live (9.11) on a Niveus Rainer Edition, running off of a USB thumbdrive. The IR receiver worked "out of the box" with XBMC so I think it is a standard MCE receiver. It's built into the hardware in the PC.

Anyone have any ideas about this? It's still usable, but can get annoying. It's almost like there's some kind of buffer on the IR receiver that is filling up.

Using a USB keyboard this is a non issue.

Let me know if log files would help here. I'm happy to send/share whatever is necessary.

Thanks again!