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Full Version: Not scraping fanart
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using 9.04 Live on Media Stream skin if that matters.

lately its been having issues scraping fanart for movies, TV shows, whatever videos i try. the thumbnails scrape just fine, but fanart wont. every time i click fanart, it looks like its loading for a second but all the choices are blank (black boxes), so ive been having to manually add fanart that ive FTPed from PC and its highly annoying. i want to scrape from TMDb, not IMDb, as TMDb has better fanart. also i have the scrapers set to scrape from TMDb.

is there a setting i could have turned on by mistake that would prevent it from scraping fanart?
9.04 is over a year old. It's very likely that TMDB and IMDB have changed their site layouts/APIs and thus the fanart URLs you have no longer work.

Refreshing the content may or may not get you fresh URLs depending on how much the sites have changed.
yeah ive tried refreshing multiple times with no luck. i would have 9.11 installed but i cant get it to work using a USB to install, so looks like the only way i can get the new version is to use a USB CD drive hooked up to the Revo which unfortunately i will have to buy at some point.