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Full Version: Loading problems
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Ok so, I've been having this issue ever since I upgraded to an SVN version that has the addon system. When I click a video it takes a long time to load. It seems to vary by skin, with confluence its between 30 and 60 seconds. With Aeon65 it's up to 10 minutes sometimes. I click the video and it just has the logo that says working sitting there for a long time. Sometimes it actually freezes up completely and never does anything until I reboot the system. Linux is not frozen just XBMC. Anyways here's the log figured I'd see what you guys think because I have no idea.

(pastebin isn't working for me today)

You've compiled with libcrystalhd? Anyway, posted log does not even show related play log lines from a brief look.
Yeah I figured that out afterwards, so I've been talking to some guys on IRC and figured out a few things. One is, if I go to files and load the movie it only takes a couple of seconds. If I go to the library and load it (from the same location which is on my server) it takes a lot longer, 30+ seconds seems to be depending on the skin. Here is a newer log that should have the proper info.

Do not post log snippets please. Try to disable the meta extraction in video settings and report back if it's still slower.
Well pastebin will not let me upload the entire log.