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Full Version: Question : Confluence fanart auto download
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Hey all,

I am running latest xbox version of xbmc (from t3ch) and the xbox version of confluence. Started setting up the library recently as usually just use file mode from my server. Seeing as I have over 2 tb of tv shows, etc its nice that they are now correctly labeled, etc!

Anyway, I am trying to download all the fanart for the series and movies I have. However, having to do each and every one manually will take forever. Is there a way of making the system auto download the first fanart as its adding to the library like it does for the dvd covers, etc? I have yet to find a way!

Thanks guys.
Scanning items into the video library will download fanarts automatically. Anyway, you might want to check out the xbmc4xbox forums (http://www.xbmc4xbox.org/forum/)