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Full Version: how to delete item form home face.
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is anybody know?No
System > skin > home
hide the ones you don't want
Thank you,but I want to delete setting item, and add other items such as plugin.
I deliberately made it so you can't delete settings because once you do there is no way to get back to it and change stuff like switching to another skin.
This forces people to manually edit xml setting files just so they can get into settings again.

if you really want to remove it you can open up home.xml and find this and delete it
PHP Code:
<item id="5">
And if you want to add more stuff you can just create more of the same type of stuff
thinks jezz_Z

Quote:<control type="grouplist" id="9018">
<control type="button" id="90181">


when I click stock nothing happen ,just mouse arraw turn red.