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Full Version: Storing XBMC settings, database and profiles in a common location for all users
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I see that XBMC stores all its settings, database and profiles within a directory named ".xbmc" which is located in the linux user home (eg: /home/john/.xbmc)

I'd like to have multiple users on my linux box (john, jane, ...) all use THE SAME XBMC settings, database, profiles, etc, instead of having each their own .xbmc directory in their linux home dir.

I gave a look around, and found some solution for a "server" XBMC configuration (with a central mysql database at least), but this wouldn't be my case actually.

I just need XBMC to store all its stuff in a central common directory on my single linux box and have all linux users use it Smile

Could you please suggest me some solution?
Any help appreciated, thank you.
not possible. you can use profiles.
mount -o bind /home/reference/.xbmc /home/destuser/.xbmc

I didn't say it was a good idea (I rsync /home/xbmc/.xbmc from my main htpc to my homedir on my laptop when I do skinning stuff, and it works)

I just hope your users won't be running two instance of xbmc at the same time (quite unlikely)
Hello thanks both.

Profiles are not the way to go, since they are connected to a specific operating system user.

My users wont be running 2 instances of XBMC at same time.
In fact, I'd have only 2 users, one it's me, the other it's my family whom I dont wanna give access to my own user (for simplicity / security / etc).

But we both need to use the same XBMC settings, and I wanna be free to use it with whichever user I'm logged in.
Never done it myself but you could do something like this:

Make a directory to hold the configuration.
Make a group.
Add all users to the group.
Enable ACL on the mount point.
Add the group as an ACL default rwx permission on the directory.
Make a link from .xbmc in the users home to the directory.

And now the users have the necessary permissions and can use the same files.
Hi, thanks you too.

I just found yet another way... maybe, since I still gotta try it Smile

from "man xbmc" :
Quote: -p or --portable
XBMC will look for configurations in install folder instead of ~/.xbmc

sounds interesting Smile