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Full Version: Translate of addon with upstream repo existing
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jmarshall Wrote:Work that we're most grateful for! The weather stuff is nasty as we're converting it token (word) by token (word).

Ideally we shouldn't be trying to translate the weather stuff at all - it's never going to work perfectly as we're always going to be missing some strings.

Hi Jonathan !

The patch from Ventech for the Weather strings translation works pretty well. Now we found all used strings there. I think Ventech only has problems with the .xml .po conversion in his post in case XBMC-team wants to set up a Launchpad way of helping users making translations easier. But this has nothing to do with the weather strings.

They work perfectly. Only needs to be commited: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/9802

Also i added there the patch for making "fullscreen" and "windowed" translatable. I am still working on the "Default" skin font-name, but it is also coming soon :-) .
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