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Full Version: [RELEASE] Traditional Chinese Movie Scraper( AtMovies )
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Dharma version is now available for download!
Please download metadata.atmovies.com.tw.zip from

and install it from zip file in addon manager.

Thanks for all the XBMC contributors. Cool

This is my first attempt to write a movie scraper for Traditional Chinese users, especially who live in Taiwan.

Current version of the scraper downloads movie details from atmovies.com.tw, probably the biggest movie website in Taiwan. It will download following information in Traditional Chinese:
  1. title
  2. year
  3. runtime
  4. outline
  5. plot

Part of the information will be downloaded from IMDB and TMDB
  1. director
  2. actor
  3. thumb
  4. fanart
  5. rating
  6. votes
  7. genre

Other information will be added in future version.

In my experience, the search engine of AtMovies is quite strict. One may found nothing in search result if you mistyped a letter in English. So my suggestion is that users can categorize your movies in the form of \OriginalTitle\EnglishTitle.mkv. Thus if you want to do scraper things by this Traditional Chinese scraper, you can search them by directory name. On the other hand, if you want to search them in English websites such as IMDB, you can search them by file name.

Please check it here
I am dying to use this. I've got the current Dharma nightly, and it doesn't seem to work at all. I keep getting "unable to connect to remote server" errors. Little help?

Like I said, I'm dying to use this; I've hated having to take simplified Chinese descriptions and change them over one-by-one to traditional. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
it seems to be connection problem. I am not using Dharma now but I will try this scraper with it when possible. What is the film name? A log file would also be helpful. Smile
I was trying 天下無賊; I checked that it DOES show up on the site (was able to connect, found the movie, etc.). I'll try it on a few more movies and get a log for you.

I'm not sure how cleanly this would fit into Dharma's new add-on manager; I'm sure the code's fine, but there may need to be a few additional files thrown in to make it work with the next release. Nothing scary, though.
updated...add rating and genre information from IMDB
Hi Mingjen,

I'm really looking forward to using this scraper. I am using the latest Dharma Beta 1 build. I have followed your instructions in your Wiki.

"Just extract the scraper files( xml & png ) into the /system/scraper/video under XBMC installation directory."

However, I am not seeing @Movies in my list of scrapers. Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for forgetting to mention that this scraper have only been tested on XBMC 9.11. However, Dharma release uses a new Addon system to manage scrapers, I am not sure if this is working on it since I do not have much spare time to modify it. Sad
It would be nice if someone can port it to Dharma release. Smile
That's unfortunate to hear Sad I was so hoping there was finally going to be Traditional Chinese scraper.

I guess we'll just have to wait for the Dharma version.
Dharma version is now available for downloading & testing.
Please visit the project website. Laugh
That's just awesome!

Going to download it now.

Big Grin
Hi Mingjen,

I just want to say thanks for putting up a Dharma version of your scraper so quickly. Much appreciated.

I'm having a bit of problems with AtMovies seems like the the accuracy rate is quite low. Maybe I'm just not doing it right, which could very well be the case.

For example

I have a folder called


with just one file


I can find the movie on the Atmovies site and can see it in the Query in XBMC. However it refuses to download the jpg.

Another example is


What am I doing wrong?

I've also downloaded your yahoo.tw scraper as well. The accuracy seems to be a bit higher with that one, but it doesn't work for 千杯不醉 either.

I have another newbie question as well. How do i set in XBMC to use AtMovies first and if it doesn't find anything use Yahoo.tw. Right now I have to manually click each file and click "Set Content" to choose the Yahoo.tw scraper to rescan again.

I tested my scraper with your situation. For the 千杯不醉, I can download movie plot and outline correctly. However, for the poster and fanarts, they can't downloaded because the movie details on AtMovies' website do not includes IMDB links. My scraper uses IMDB links to download poster's and fanarts from TMDB. So in order to download thems, first, the movie should have an IMDB link on AtMovies' website. Second, the movie must have poster/fanarts on TMDB. I also tried 女人本色 and it looks like the same.

I think this issue can be fix by some way around for more flexibility. I will try to improve it as possible as I can.

For your last question, you can set preferred scrapers in XBMC' system setting. In that way if you can' download movie data with your movie scraper, XBMC will download them with preferred scraper.
I just tried installing this and I get the "dependencies not met" error... is there a fix available? Thanks.
until the author responds, you can edit the addon.xml and make the common.moviedb import require version 1.0.7, not 1.2.0. 1.2.0 never even existed.
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