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Full Version: AAC & MP3 Playback Random Audio pause....
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I have done some searching on the forums and have seen this issue pop up several times, but none with an resolution to the issue.

I am running XBMC Camelot on Jaunty. I am using Turtle Beach Audio advantage USB sound card and it is working great. DTS and 5.1 play back flawlessly in movies.

However, when I listen to music, I have the random pause one or two times during playback of a song. This is a real pain and I haven't seen a good resolution posted yet. One of the devs mentioned something about it being related to PulseAudio or Crossfade. I have crossfading disabled on my system, so that is not the issue.

Anybody know of a fix for this issue? I would really like to be able to listen to my music without the interruption. Thanks in advance for any insight into this issue.
Just bumping this post looking for suggestions. I also read a post that mentioned the audio buffer size, but there is no way to adjust that. It find it strange that this only happens during music playback.