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Full Version: XBMC Live network mounted config directory
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Hi all,
I would like to configure live to access the .xbmc directory as a remote filesystem on my server. I am using xbmc like this right now but I would like to switch to live for simplicity. I don't want the database and all the other files on the usb key, and having a server available, seems logical to put those files there.

Is this possible? How to do it?

Same way as you currently have it setup? Live is just a standard minimal ubuntu install.

Use nfs/samba/whatever and and the mount point to your fstab.
I tried that, but unless I've missed something, I think the .xbmc dir in the home dir gets overmounted with the usb ext3 file.
Should I disable something else?
I only have it installed to hd - could be the usb install is different.

What is in your fstab?
Will let you know in a few hours when I have access to it.

Thanks in the meantime!
Add "noredir" (no quotes) to the xbmc kernel parameters (grub.cfg) and the profile will reside on /home/xbmc as a traditional install, ie for example:

Grazie Luigi!
by the way, is that a standard casper option, or xbmc live specific?

edit: sorry, just saw xbmc= at the beginning, definitely not a casper option! Wink