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Full Version: Most video's only give a black screen
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Most videos I try to play only give a black screen. Audio is playing fine for those videos. I think it's all 720p .mkv files that have the issue (and only those?) Since my collection exists mainly of these type of files, XBMC is useless for me. I use VLC to play the same files without a problem.

I am on Ubuntu 10.04, installed via PPA, am running XBMC 9.11 R26018 (Compiled: May 23 2010)

Here is the xbmc.log of me starting xbmc, playing a video for a couple of seconds and exiting again: http://pastebin.com/M3Rjd3A3

My guess the relevant line in here is:
22:07:38 T:2810121072 M:650760192   ERROR:  (VDPAU) Error: An invalid handle value was provided.(3) at VDPAU.cpp:1187

If I need to do any tests or provide more information, just tell me where I can find it please.