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Full Version: Finally [email protected], A330ION + RearPRO
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Hi All, just an FYI for anyone with an older HD TV not ready for retirement and a big congrats to XCI for a great script.

After going from XBMC Live > Windows 7 then back to Minimal Linix I'm finally 99% happy with my setup.

From the start I knew the issues I was experiencing was due to my old Panasonic 47" HD Rear Pro capable of [email protected] XBMCFreaks ION install would have done the job but I couldn't get my Xorg.conf configured right. I might have got there in the end but the XCI script just worked.

I now have smooth vid playback including HD rips. KillerSample is pegged at no more then 4 - 5 dropped frames and judder is all gone. Not to mention my MCE remote has come out of the cupboard and works great. Sound via HDMI also works well.

Only 2 minor issues left before I achieve a perfect setup ... if such a thing existed of course Wink
1. Suspend works great using the PC button on the remote but when waken the resolution reverts to [email protected] instead of [email protected]?
2. Some of my 16:9 DVD ISO rips do not fill the entire screen. Just a little off from both the top and bottom. I have calibrated the video so both the DVD menu and XBMC Home menu are displayed correct but playing video it's not the way I remember it on my trusty XBOX. I used to toggle the display to "custom" but now I find I'm using Zoom? I'll have to compare to make sure I'm not telling fibs.

Ram: Kingston - KVR1066D3N7 4GB
Case: Foxconn RS-233 Mini ITX Tower
Install: http://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/xci/