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Full Version: [REQUEST] Rdio Addon?
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Rdio just opened its doors to the public and seems like a great service so far. Think of it as a version of Spotify but one that is available in the US.

It seems they don't use any flash for the web client. In looking at the source I feel like the flash code involved is for the Adobe Air desktop client. Otherwise the site seems to be all HTML5.

+1 --would like this very much.
This would be fantastic.
Giving this a bump, as i'm a very loyal rdio subscriber and XBMC user.
This would be amazing! Especially with XBMC on iOS now, this would be awesome- doing the trial on rdio right now... I am currently a Last.FM subscriber and am very disappointed in the service now that playlists are gone!

I wonder if it's possible to just build an add-on to their mobile app? to sync it or have a custom interface with it in xbmc
This would be really really great...
Its available in Canada Big Grin
This should help push things forward: http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/11/social-...te-program
bnevets27 Wrote:Its available in Canada Big Grin

What is available in Canada? An RDIO/XBMC integration?
sawzall710 Wrote:What is available in Canada? An RDIO/XBMC integration?
Rdio is available to US and Canadian subscribers. There is currently no XBMC plugin for it, but I agree it would be nice to have.
Yes this would be a nice little addy! any takers Iam willing to Donate
kobyboy Wrote:Yes this would be a nice little addy! any takers Iam willing to Donate

I'm using Rdio, It will be nice to have a plugin for this very good radio on demand service. I read on the Rdio website that it work with Sonos and Roku.

Spotify is available in the US as well. If someone could work on a spotify add-on that works with Eden that would be even better in my opinion, I think more users use Spotify.
I see there's a plex plugin for Rdio that is written in Python and means it's likely possible to port: https://github.com/mikedecaro/Rdio.bundle.

I might get around to writing it myself eventually, but if anyone is interested in writing it now that link should help.
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