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Full Version: Stacked in reFOCUS
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Let me make this clear: reFOCUS is a godsend. It's professional, it's minimalist, it's functional, it's beautiful. Absolutely best skin I've come across. I always toy with the code of every skin I use, and I haven't touched this since I've began using it more than a month ago.

Problem is, the skin doesn't seem to support "stacked" files. I backup a DVD with 2 discs, one being special features, and label them appropriately. XBMC is smart enough to know that when you click on the poster for the film, there are actually 2 or more discs for that title. So it offers the "This file is stacked" dialogue box, where I can select disc 1 or disc 2. When clicking the poster in reFOCUS, nothing happens. No error, no dialogue box, nothing. The poster image "pops" a bit and there is a clicking noise, but nothing happens.

Anyway to implement this?
This only happens with DVD images that are actually separate ISOs.

The skin is missing the DialogFileStacking.xml dialog.

I'll probably replace that window/get rid of that window altogether and just use the context menu in future, as this is the only case (multiple ISOs) that it's even needed.
Yeah, what jonathan said. I actually thought that xml was already obsolete, didn't know it's still used for dvd's.
I'll have a look into it.

Thanks for the kind words Smile
Just letting you know a file stacking dialogue has just been added for the next release.
Ah, thanks so much Jeroen! Looking forward to the next release. Smile