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Full Version: Audio is strange compared to VLC
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When i play a blu ray rip in XBMC the sound i very high when a explosion go off or something like that. And when there is normal talk it is very low.

In VLC difference is'nt nearly that much.
It's really ignoring me when i watch at night. I have to turn down the volume to not disturb the neighbours, but then the talking is way to low.

How can this be, and can i do something about it?
See if your receiver had Dynamic Range Compression (DRC).
How do i see that?

i just use onboard soundcard and Logitech Z3
I've have done a little bit more testing.
If i set the audio output in VLC to 5.1 i got the same problem.

Why does XBMC ignore my 2.1 output settings?
the reason you have trouble under 5.1 is that speech is mostly directed to center channel, which isn't there when you're using 2.1 speakers.

I don't think xbmc is ignoring 2.1 as much as there's probably a misconfiguration. how are you encoding your audio when you rip your blu-ray discs?
2.1 ? you have three speakers ? Stereo is 2.0
Davilla according to wikipedia 2.1 is stereo +LFE
technojunkie Wrote:Davilla according to wikipedia 2.1 is stereo +LFE

I'm not doubting what 2.1 is, I'm doubting that this user actually has a stereo + LFE setup. In other words, if you setup XBMC for 2.1 then this assumes that there is a physical LFE speaker present and guess where all the dialog goes Smile
D'oh! good point on the physical LFE speaker. The z3 only uses stereo input. But that aside, shouldn't the LFE only be affecting his bass, not the center channel audio; that should still be mixed across both channels, no?
Debug log will tell how it's mixed.
bobo1on1 Wrote:Debug log will tell how it's mixed.

Sure it will, but I'd rather toss darts at the dart board since clearly the user would rather chase random fixes than actually debug the issue Smile
Sorry i thought it 2.1 was two speakers plus subwoofer.

If someone could give give me a guide to stereo setup? Maybe iv'e just done something wrong.
Theres is no change if i change it to 2.0

Sorry, still kindda new in XBMC.
How go i get the debug log?
here we go again, I'm a search-bitch again Smile

Its because XBMC doesnt have DRC implemented, even though it really should...
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