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Full Version: PoxBox for XBMC (pre-alpha release)
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Last year, before I could release this skin, my PC died and I thought I'd lost the release version. Anyway, I recently was digging through an old thumb drive and I found one of my earlier versions, so I started working on it again. I think this is up for an early beta release, so here it is:


If you're interested in a "minimal" skin with some nice transitions, please give this try, and let me know of any bugs. Also, please feel free to mod away. The screens on page 2 of this post are from the version I lost, but this is pretty close and I will continue to work on it to add the new XBMC features and kill bugs, etc. This works quite well in pre-Eden and Dharma builds. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the skin.

Old initial post - [i]I'm not sure how much interest there will be for this skin, but for anyone who has seen the PopBox (http://www.popbox.com/blog/?p=92), this will be familiar. Although the PopBox hasn't lived up to the hype, I think the mockups of their intended UI are really very good. So much so, that I've been "inspired" to port it to XBMC. This is a pre-alpha release, and so expect bugs a-plenty. However, the Music, Photos and Movies sections are just about fully functional. Home has only the basic menu, no widgets as yet. I would really like to hear comments, ideas, critique, etc., anything useful that will help me get the skin up to snuff.

The top menu is currently accessed by using the left arrow and then the up arrow. You can switch to different sections without ever going back to the home screen
Looks sweet Smile Though the home screen needs some love ;P
Thanks very much, MindTooth. I have much work ahead, but home will definitely see a whole lotta love. Updated alpha release in link in 1st post.
Great Skin!
Is it Dharma compatible?
Just testing your skin, and a few points:
1. are banners avaliable in tv shows?
2. tv shows is not avaliable in the top menu.
3. some text overlapping issues in the top menu.
4. the recently added script is showing an error-not working.
I know its early, just thought i would point these out cause really lovin the look and idea of this skin. I ll keep testing, and advise if i find anything else.

Thanks Shahid. If you get a chance, could you post a screen of the top bar text overlap? I don't see that on mine. The other items you noted have not yet been implemented. Right now, I'm just trying to get a complete basic version working, and I'll add the other things later. Thanks again.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

here is the pic, this only appears in the tv section, but now that you mentioned it- i suppose you will be giving that attention a little later. Movies and Music work great so far.

Thanks for taking the time to do that, Shahid. I haven't gone anywhere near TV Shows yet, but I'm happy to see that ir won't take too much work to get it going. I'm very happy to hear about Music and Movies though! There's a new new upload in first post. Thanks again.
Cool, i am lloking forward to watching this skin develop, looking great so far-keep up the great work.
I was checking out some pics for the popbox, and i noticed that it shows the fanart in the info pane on the right, it would be cool to have that option, and maybe some flags on the bottom(as i noticed the popbox has 'supported by IMDB' logo). Just a thought for the future. Cheers.
I hadn't seen that movie screenshot, but I changed the cover to fanart, and I like it much better! Thanks for the suggestion. Also added flagging, but need to work on that a bit more (see new screen in 1st post).
Looks awsome.
I have a cople of design ideas for the home screen (consistent with the popbox theme), if you like i can do the layouts for you and post them in this thread.

This is the original popbox home menu, i can do a couple of designs to suit the xbmc menu options.
That would be great! I can use all the help I can get on this. Thanks.
I finally have this skin to where I can use it a my main skin. It works great on Acer Revo Aspires, as there is not too much eye candy. Anyway, if anyone wants to give it a try, PoxBox will be available this weekend for download. I consider it at a beta stage, so please report bugs, etc, or feel free to mod. Thanks! Her's some screens and a link to the actual PopBox videos that were very helpful:





YouTube Popbox link:

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