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Full Version: Splash screen
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i know its early but does anyone have any recommendations for spash screens....or have made some?

same here,

i never see the splash screen. how can i see it ? is there any option in .xml ?

no option.. you need to be running a later build.

- 21-11-2004 added: startup splash

at least one from the 21st of november.

thanks quick reply tslayer.

i use 30-11-2004 cvs compiled version but it never shows me splash screen.

my setting is 720p with hdtv.

any hint?


ps. can i see a screenshot of splash screen?
it should work in your version. unless the version you d/led did not contain the splash.png.

anyhow, the splash is located here:


take that and place it in your xbmc/media folder on your xbox.

i got it!!

thanks again tslayer.
i cant fill the screen with the spash screen what is the res locked 2 please Smile and y not have it at the screen size Sad

it auto resizes it if its screen size to be half screen size centered
i would like a full screen splash too?