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Full Version: A way to change the Library Mode view?
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I absolutely love Confluence, but when I was looking through the screenshots on the main page of XBMC in the downloads section I noticed that I can't get mine to look like several of the screenshots shown. I feel like I'm missing a button or something that can toggle through Library Mode views. What I'm referring to is, for instance, how screenshots 2 and 5 (on this page) are different even though they're both Movies screenshots and how neither of them look like what I'm currently seeing on my XBMC.

Was just wondering if there's a "toggle display mode" button I'm missing or something. Thank you for any help and sorry if this is a newb question.
Click left when in library to bring up views and options its the same in most skins but can vary from being on up, down, left, right

Not in front of it, but have you pushed left to get the Pull-out menu? Should be able to change views from there if I remember correctly.

X beat me to it
Geez, I feel so stupid. I already knew how to bring up that menu by pushing left (since I toggle Library Mode on and off with it), and have even toggled the View type before while not in Library Mode, but not once did I think about toggling the View type WHILE IN Library Mode. Will have to try that out when I get home.

Thanks for the help guys!
The only stupid questions are the ones that aren't asked.

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I am using xbmc (OpenElec) and hav the following problem with my movie library

I have set up a the videoscrapper with tre folders from my NAS (etrayz from xtreamer) i have called it "adault movies" in "list wiev" i can see 326 movies and that is OK. My problem is now that i want to use "Library mode" and it shows only 159 movies.

Can anybody pleas help me with this problem, i am going crazy

Mr Loe is there a way to turn off the "Pull-out menu" that you are refering to?
I have always had it now it is gone.
I don't know if I accidently made a change and it doesn't work for me!!! Grrrrr
help please lol
Mr Joe! sorry for typo on spelling your name