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Full Version: [MOD] PosterPlusFanart
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making my own thread so i don't mess up Redd's thread.
modding mcborzu's poster view with extra info on keypress on both movies and tvshows. it's a combination of different views that night uses. using Redd's poster mod instead of the original because of smaller poster and horizontal orientation. Code is written totally different from mcborzu original code and inspired by the way Aeon Showmix skin is written.

[updated: 2010-08-21]

known bugs:
  • when seeing info on tvshows and season level pressing enter don't work to go to next level. need to go back to the posterview to advance.
  • when seeing info on movies pressing enter don't start the movie.
  • when seeing info on season and episode level, going back to the previous level the info hangs on
  • the focused poster on tvshow ain't centered
  • the files\library switch is there but you gotta scroll to find it. hope to find a way to fit it all.

files changed is
  • IncludesCodecFlagging.xml
  • MyVideoNav.xml
  • Viewtype_Poster.xml
  • movies/OverlayWatched.png
  • tv/OverlayWatched.png

what you need to do
  • extract the zip in skin.night folder and overwrite existing files.
  • copy\rename the "media\extras\Studios" to "\media\flagging\studio" to get studioflags

download [updated: 2010-08-21]

maybe someone else likes this setup. tell me what u think and if u want something changed. however i'm a total n00b in this coding so u probably know howto better then me.
Its looking good great work still not sure about the watched overlays though...
yea they look like crap so i swapped them all. the new ones better?
did anyone try this mod?
Much prefer the ticks good job
Couple of questions:

1) is it possible to have this poster view and the original poster view? Maybe list one as poster and the other as poster mod?

2) is it possible/what would need to be done to have the other posters angled? I love the smaller posters and better view of the fanart but the flat posters kind of throw me off.

Thanks and nice work
yes can be done, but i'm not skilled enough to do it.

1) you will have to edit a lot of files and would make it harder to keep up with the mcborzu's updates.

2) i don't like the angeled posters at all since it takes up too much space of the fanart. i guess if u wanna do the angled position with smaller posters you have to compare my code and mcborzu's code and find the right sequence to edit. my code is totally different from mcborzu so maybe redd's mod is better for comparing, but then you won't get my positioning of the posterplus info and trigger action instead of timed delay. can of course compare all three files.

feel free to edit my code to ur likings. i however will not change it to do stuff i don't like Tongue mainly because i don't understand what i'm doing and only do stuff by trial and error.