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Full Version: [depricated] old YouTube Plugin - XBMC 13.0 Frodo/Gotham only
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How do i delete my youtube addon subscription thumbnails cache without affecting other part of the XBMC function?
I don't like some of my subscription folder thumbnails , but found no way to get rid of it and reload the new thumbnails as subscription folder cover ? Any Help ?
Is this plugin working currently ? All searchs and browses now come up with no items found.
Is this plugin working as everytime i do a search now it says no results found and i can't explore youtube either.
Hi, I have a bug and i think i've already figured out what causes it. should i post a new issue at http://code.google.com/p/youtubexbmc/issues ?
or is it enough to post a message here?
anyways, here's the description:

My setup:
Using my android device, starting the official youtube application, clicking on a video -> share -> play on xbmc.
some of the videos will play, some will not.
I started the debugging (the debug log file upload at http://pastebin.ca/upload.php is unsuccessful for some reason) and i figured out what the problem is - i verified it using another video - when the video id has a hyphen in it the video won't play cause the youtube xbmc plugin truncated the video id at the hyphen.

that's why i can't play these 2 videos:
but i can play most of the other videos.
i can see proof for that in the log file:

_fetchPage : 'connecting to server... http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos/nDvOC9n'
14:27:20 T:1084 WARNING: CRenderManager::FlipPage - timeout waiting for previous frame
14:27:20 T:6756 WARNING: Previous line repeats 1 times.
14:27:20 T:6756 WARNING: DXVA::CProcessor::Render - did not find all required samples, adjusting the sample array.
14:27:20 T:6756 WARNING: DXVA::CProcessor::Render - no usable samples.
14:27:20 T:5856 NOTICE: [YouTube-3.2.0] _fetchPage : 'HTTPError : HTTP Error 400: Bad Request'


'connecting to server... http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos/UWb5Qc'
14:22:58 T:4596 NOTICE: [YouTube-3.2.0] _fetchPage : 'HTTPError : HTTP Error 400: Bad Request'

you can see at the log file that the plugin 'thinks' that the video ids are nDvOC9n and UWb5Qc, when in fact the ids are nDvOC9n-r_k and UWb5Qc-fBvk

Sorry im jumping to conclusions so quickly, this bug occurs whether or not my diagnosis is right.
plugin is broken again,
I delete all file / folder inside the "thumbnails" and commoncache.db inside database folder , now all thumbnails of my xbmc addon are gone , include youtube etc. How to fix it ?
(2012-10-06, 18:14)Djteasernl Wrote: [ -> ]plugin is broken again,


EDIT: Strange, I was getting plugin errors earlier, but now, everything seems to be working again. So: unconfirmed.
I've added "order by" functionality to YouTube search in addon.
Would be glad if it will be added to addon officially...
Just replace file in addon folder.
I delete thumbnails>video folder , now all my youtube thumbnails are gone , as well as my movie cover art ?
How to fix it ?
Playing playlists or individual videos from playslists fails. Here is error message in the log:
(2012-10-06, 23:01)WeirdH Wrote: [ -> ]
(2012-10-06, 18:14)Djteasernl Wrote: [ -> ]plugin is broken again,


EDIT: Strange, I was getting plugin errors earlier, but now, everything seems to be working again. So: unconfirmed.

Still broken for me. Can't get any results from search or categories using 3.2
Additionally to not getting any search results I have the problem that after selecting the "search" option I get the onscreen keyboard, but keyboard input is still bound to other functions (pressing s results in opening the shutdown menu).

This is on Frodo alpha5, anyone experiencing similar issues?
Ican say the adapted Version 3.2 for xbmc4xbox works!

That what not work is Login but all others works like a charme!

Regards Jan

My Jan'sxbmc4xbox 3.3
Everytime I search it gives a script failed error.

Can't view any Live channels (wanting to watch the Red Bull Stratos live event!)

Running XBMC PVR on Linux.
Mine Says Playback Failed Everytime I Try To Play A Video?