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Full Version: [depricated] old YouTube Plugin - XBMC 13.0 Frodo/Gotham only
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(2013-03-02, 17:21)XeroKool Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-03-01, 00:06)carax Wrote: [ -> ]login don't work.
LOG http://pastebin.ca/2326822
Same here. Login stopped working for me yesterday (this was after I did a clean install). Getting the error "Login Failed - False".

Same thing, I have logged out and now Im unable to log back in with error login false. I guess possibly something has changed in the login form..
This MAY be unrelated, but it'd be a huge coincidence. Just before the XBMC YouTube add-on login issue cropped up, the YouTube widget on my Galaxy Nexus would no longer stayed logged in. I noticed this first, then a couple of days later (and come to think of it I don't know if i even used the add-on in that time) I decided to roll back to Ubuntu 12.04LTS as I was having ATI graphics issues on my laptop/media center PC with 12.10, and when setting my XBMC up again, I then noticed the login issue. I thought I broke something on the reinstall. I'm glad it's not me, but I hope it gets sorted soon, for both my phone and my XBMC.

This is still the best supported and best overall add-on I've used so far, so I have absolutely zero complaints. I'm sure these fantastic folks will be on it as soon as possible. Every issue I've had with it has been something YouTube broke, not the add-on's fault.
Login false for me as well. The weird thing is that i have two setups; one still works fine but the clean installed doesn´t (and the settings are the same)
Anyone? Beuller?
I'm using NFSBoot with the latest rbej build of OE http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1357638

I watched one 720p video all the way through and that was fine. The only thing is that it froze at the end and didn't respond to Stop or anything else. Eventually it went back to the video selection but it took a long time. Maybe something to do with the fact that I'm using NFSBoot.

Also, I can't get it to accept my e-mail address and password, which work fine in my browser on my PC but I see I'm not alone there. I note on Youtube under Settings - Overview - Advanced it has this "Sites authorised to your Google account" and that talks about needing to setup a separate password for smartphone apps, etc but it's greyed out and says you can only do that if you're signed up for 2-step verification, which I have no idea how to do.
Just got an update on the plug-in. Any information about it? Nothing seems to be different to me (and the changelog is VERY outdated), but then again I haven't had a login=false error (ever since the last update, at least). Also, I self-applied the patch that let you play videos again due to a code change, so I guess that was part of it too.
It's working again and it looks like 2-factor authentication is also working! Awesome! Thanks to all the devs!
(2013-03-07, 15:06)debian Wrote: [ -> ]It's working again and it looks like 2-factor authentication is also working! Awesome! Thanks to all the devs!

+1 Big Grin
Yes, back on, thanks but the spinning wheel is now going for eons before loading the next menu. Probably have to wait ~ 20 seconds now per menu selection. Same thing with opening streams. I'm pretty sure that I'm not having connectivity issues either. Anyone else?
When I go to "My Subscriptions" for the first time, it gets me Error. The next time it's OK.
If I add an liked video on web and then go to plugin, MY LIKED VIDEOS folder work only with logout and login.
error script is the message.
how can i "play all" against an youtube search? is this possible?

I've xbmc 12.0, and have enabled "Play next video automatically" per this.

it still does not play the next item from an youtube search. Is this feature not available yet? Please advise? thx..

Feature Request :

(in case this is not yet thought of by the devs. if I should file this elsewhere, please let me know, thanks!)

I was hoping for the capability to play all the videos from your youtube search. Say you search for "Harlem Shake" , and you start playing one from your search result. After that one finishes, it will automatically play the remaining results one after another, if left alone that is. (well, at least play the next 10 of the results?)

Those of you who might have used the youtube app by nowhereman on Roku may know how awesome this feature is. (albeit Roku was later forced by google to remove this private channel - this was the BEST youtube experience I ever had!)
yes confirmed, this is now working properly again...thank you devs for the good work
None of the playlists, favorites, subscriptions or watch later videos are working. The debug log shows 403 access denied responses from Google for every attempt to get the list.

The plugin is logged in and shows up as authenticated on the Google dashboard.

Is there a way to fix this?
is it posible to add in search option to search channels