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Full Version: [depricated] old YouTube Plugin - XBMC 13.0 Frodo/Gotham only
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For those of you that were having problems viewing your subscriptions. You need to disconnect your Google+ from your youtube account.

  1. Go To Youtube & Login
  2. Expand the account menu by selecting the Arrow down icon next to your avatar in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select settings
  4. You'll see a page with your account settings and Avatar, Next to the avatar in small writing click "Advanced"
  5. There you will see the option to disconnect your Account.
(2013-09-05, 02:37)xDetoursx Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure if this has been covered yet or not, but I didn't have time to search 347 pages.

Problem is solved..at least for me. If you go to Youtube and login, there's a little gray drop down arrow up at the top right. Click that and you can see a new email address that the account is associated with under the login name.


Clicked on the settings link to the left and it took me here:


From here I clicked the Set up a password button where I was then directed to a page to enter a new password and a new account was created. It's that account information that needs to be entered into the Youtube XBMC settings. Everything is working fine now.

This, plus uninstalling the Youtube addon and then deleting the YT addon folder as suggested in a later post, worked for me. Thanks!!
(2013-09-15, 01:57)MrsAngelD Wrote: [ -> ]For those of you that were having problems viewing your subscriptions. You need to disconnect your Google+ from your youtube account

There is still a problem with the subscription videos API call. Every time I refresh http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users...auth_token=... (it's what YouTube plug-in calls and I can reproduce it in the browser), the first video is removed from the results. So with every page refresh I'm getting older and older results with topmost video removed every time.

UPDATE: the above issue has resolved itself after I refreshed the page several times and linked my G+ account back. Note that I'm using a patched plug-in version that doesn't have a login problem if there are Unicode characters in the response: https://code.google.com/p/youtubexbmc/is...ail?id=103 .

And if I try to access the next page with start-index=51&max-results=50 parameters, it's always empty as I've already reported at https://code.google.com/p/gdata-issues/i...il?id=5215 .
Hi Everyone - I've had a few issues over the last few days, one is fixed thanks to this thread.

1/ When viewing the "New Subscriptions" page there is no "More results" button anymore. I get one page only no matter what I set the per page results to, in the past I could scroll back through my "New Subscriptions" feed without a problem. Any ideas?

2/ Login Failed - To fix this I had to link my YouTube account with a GooglePlus account (which I didn't have until yesterday), I then followed "serial326's" instructions above. You should be using username <your-username>@pages.plusgoogle.com to login via the YouTube addon.

To everyone that contributes to the YouTube Addon for XBMC... Thank You! It's my favorite and most used addon by far.

Good morning,
is this plugin working with Gotham alpha7 on android devices?
I'm not able to watch any video.
thanks in advance.
Hi. I have a trouble with 4.4.6 addon.
Clean Install and cant login to youtube (google+ deactivated).


Please Help.
Hello. I problem i encountered yesterday.

I use the "Play to XBMC" plugin for chrome, which enables me to rightclick the youtube url and press "Play on XBMC". This works fine actually.
What didnt work was I try to use an youtube url where the url takes you to a certain time in the video. The video worked on XBMC, but it didnt start at the time the url directed.

The url worked like it should on my PC, so I am thinking that either the problems lies with the XBMC YouTube plugin or the "Play on XBMC" YouTube chrome plugin.

Are there any of you guys that can test this or have any idea about what it could be?

Thanks in advance!
I've been watching this thread with horror.

I knew this day would come - I can't log in either. :cryface:
I dont think there is a general problem with the plugin currently, it is working fine for me on my raspbmc install.
any news about the compatibility with Gotham?
This might help.

I took YouTubeLogin.py from 4.4.3b version (which has always worked for me when something screwed up in newest) and replaced it in 4.4.6

- Connect your YouTube account with Google+
- Set up new password if you have to
- Update your addon to 4.4.6
- Replace YouTubeLogin.py (XBMC\addons\plugin.video.youtube\YouTubeLogin.py) with this one - http://pastebin.com/Hg5jPDCz
- Login using your new username and password ([email protected])
I'd like to post about requesting a feature - pairing with Youtube (as with a Google TV) per this protocol :
example by google : http://code.google.com/p/google-tv-pairi...gle%2Fpolo

I may start working on this at some point , but my semester started , so I'm just posting this as a request.
I think that i found the solution for account login fail and subscriptions empty. I used the tips that I found on this thread.

Frist of all you need to create a specific password for your old youtube account. To do this you have to log in youtube and select your administrator account(or rather the google+ account). Going on
youtube.com/account_advanced. Now you can find the option to setting a new password for your old account.

In that page you can also find your new account name. Somethings like this [email protected] Keep it in mind.

Now you have to reset youtube plugin setting because there is some issue if you try to login with new accounts.
To do that manually delete the configuration files on xbmc system folder(i don't remember where it is but you can find this information on google)

Now you have the plugin fresh and clean and you can going to login. The secret is to use all your account and not only the first part. So use [email protected] and for the password the new.

It's works for me with the last linux build and youtube plugin 4.4.6 hope works for you too.

Using YouTube-4.4.6 addons. Some video are not playing.

The problem seams to be related to a decryption key. ref https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/issues/1461

To fix the problem, I add the following lines to method decrypt_signature()
elif len(s) == 93:
return s[86:29:-1] + s[88] + s[28:5:-1]

Can I get more detail about this decryption key ?

Does the XBMC youtube plugin support 5.1 audio ?
There are 5.1 test videos on youtube but they come out as 'stereo' in XBMC.