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Full Version: [depricated] old YouTube Plugin - XBMC 13.0 Frodo/Gotham only
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Vbaros and [email protected]: Thanks for the tip! That completely removed the delay, youtube works like it used to several months ago. Awesome!
@rodalpho this should be new default setting to remove delay in general, agree?
Feature request: Log out option in the settings menu.
(2014-02-07, 21:54)rodalpho Wrote: [ -> ]Everything is very slow with the Youtube plugin these days, but I haven't noticed any degradation in the past day or two.

My main complaint is when trying to play a video, there's a 10-15s pause before it pops up the resolution selection box. Super annoying. I assume it's google's fault.

I waited it out and after 2-3 days it seems to have gone back to normal. I was holding off messing with my login info since that was at least working and I know how easily that seems to break with this plugin.

i just recognized today that when i play youtube videos the sound is bad at higher volume in the video. its a sizzling noise.... just like here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-ZKdWCEhbI

what do you need as information to help me? i play the sound to the avr via SPIDF (optical)...

With normal videos or music everything is fine, no crackling sound!!

asus p5w dh deluxe
4GB DDR2 667
80GB Intel SSD
Technisat Cablestar HD2
Nvidia GT120
Denon X1000 Avr

any solution for this? Sad
(2014-02-09, 11:16)[email protected] Wrote: [ -> ]@rodalpho this should be new default setting to remove delay in general, agree?
Well sure, if it's actually a setting and not a remnant of the configuration in a previous non-OAuth version causing the problem. Or it could be the new script we downloaded from google code, or a combination of the two. Whatever the cause, the youtube plugin would certainly benefit from more active maintenance.
@rodalpho: the delay problem is not caused by the script from Google code. I tried it with the stock unmodified YT plugin and had the delay as well. I think it's really the authentication process that slows every operation down (just my 2 cents). maybe one of the devs can take a look in the next time
(2014-02-07, 20:32)wmansir Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone noticed an issue the last day or so where getting video list results ("My subscriptions", recommendations, new or individual sub video list) takes much longer? Normally the "working" popup only takes 3-5 seconds, now it's taking 20+ seconds to move between those menus.

On the RPi (Openelec Gotham r17666 turbo overclocked) I found that the Common Plugin Cache setting autostart=false makes youtube listings take twice as long to load, so make sure autostart is left enabled (default).
(2014-02-08, 09:25)vbaros Wrote: [ -> ]I had the same problem with big timeouts after selecting videos. Than I downloaded the fixed python script from above and did one more thing. I erased username and password from settings.XML of YouTube plugin.

One more thing that maybe helped is when I did the Berre method I didn't do the last step of entering the token timeout.

For me the stream opens in about 3 seconds every time.

I just wanted to thank you and Berre for the suggestions & instructions, my youtube app seems to be working perfectly now.
Awesome work.
Why don't I see anything in my userdata for add ons? You tube isn't in there nor vevo yet they are both installed. I go to programs-xbmc-userdata... and nothing.

i'm having problems with youtube plugin on OpenELEC 3.2.4 running on R PI, this is my log http://pastebin.com/XpU8P8jE can anyone help me?

Followed the Berre instructions for setting up a token on a clean installation of the Youtube plugin on XBMC-DSPLAY. It worked perfectly last night when I followed the instructions, but when I started up the HTPC today it appears to be broken. When I start the add-on it brings up the menu of options (subscriptions, explore yt, etc) but clicking on any options gives me an empty result.

Any insight to correcting this is greatly appreciated. I use the YT plugin more than is probably healthy. ^_^
I have the "Can't login" problem on Youtube plugin using XBMC Android system.
I found there is a working trick developed by Berre. However I am not so skilled to do the hacking on my own.

Could the owner/ programmer of the De Facto Youtube plugin please implement the changes as mentioned by Berre mentioned earlier?

And another problem, my VEVO music video collections in Youtube XBMC does not play anylonger, I suspect it is due to another issue but are there any progress here, anyone have a fix?
(2014-02-06, 05:21)3CupsOfCoffee Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-01-28, 20:58)Berre Wrote: [ -> ]I finally got the plugin to work again, by manually authenticating it, and writing the authentication token to the settings file.
My solution isn't easy, but i'll try to explain it.

1. open the following url to authenticate the youtube plugin with your google account:

This will send you to a page which gives you an authentication code.

2. Create an HTML file with the following contents, and open it in a browser:

3. paste the code from step 1 in the code field and click submit
This should give you a result like this:
"access_token" : "A long cryptic phrase",
"token_type" : "Bearer",
"expires_in" : 3600,
"refresh_token" : "Another cryptic phrase"

4. open the settings.xml file in your "userdata\addon_data\plugin.video.youtube" folder
find the oauth2_access_token setting and copy the access_token phrase from step 3 to the value field
find the oauth2_refresh_token setting and copy the refresh_token phrase from step 3 to the value field
for the oauth2_expires_at setting see step 5

5. Go to http://pythonwebconsole.thomnichols.org/ and run the following script
import time

print "time.time(): %f " % time.time()

This will output something like:
time.time(): 1390933738.478000

add 3600 to that number, eg. 1390937338.478000

paste that number in the value field of the oauth2_expires_at setting.

6. Save the settings.xml file

7. the plugin should now work... it did for me.

This should be on every page. Nod It works.

If you use 2 step auth to log in to youtube, delete your credentials (user/pass) from the settings file. (Or else you will get verification text messages every time you play a video Confused )

IT WORKS!!! Finally I am able to use youtube on my XBMC. Now it's complete!

Thank you Berre, really, I was looking for this for ages. This should be sticky Everywhere around the forum.

Anyway Just one thing.

The python web console you refered isn't working so anyone experiencing that issue use this one instead : http://repl.it/languages/Python

And don't forget to disable username login in settings (leave it blank)

And again Thank you a lot!

One more question.

I can't seem to be able to play in 1080p in xbmc youtube, only 720p . Any reason to this? (yes in settings I have 1080p as max possible and I have a 1080p display) Smile
I also can not seem to be able to play in 1080p in XBMC youtube, only 720p. What is the reason for this?
even if I select the default settings 1080p 720p charge me, if I choose neither choice appears only as 1080p.
then I check on the web if there are any files in 1080p format. why? is a problem of tag?