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Full Version: [RELEASE] TV Show Next Aired (Script) Addon
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here it is :


scan your tvshow librairy then check on http://www.TVrage.com if there's information for next aired episode.
it remembesr canceled/ended shows to not scrap website again in this case.
support for poster, banner, and thumb mode.
if your tvshow is not found, please check if it's missing in aka title on http://tvrage.com/ , information can be submitted there and they are pretty fast to validate.



where to find:

you can download it in official repository in program addons.
you can launch it after installed in program addons.

please enjoy !
Will try it later tonight. Looks good though!
seems pretty good, no issues i can see, look forward to skin integration would love to mod it into something.
Looks good for a start, but it takes a long time before it scans everything and gives output. And it does that every time I use it.
The beginning is there.
I hope the endresult will be that the show-specific info will be integrated in the corresponding info screen of that show?
for now it doesn't try to get info( excluded first time) on canceled/ended show.
i planned to keep info to not refresh everytime (24h refresh seems good).

it's the start as you said, i have already in mind to rebuilt and clean the code, there's still parts of unused code.

for integration in skin, this question has to be for them i'll try to make them available on most screen they want Big Grin
Great addon!
Just curious, how are the shows sorted? For me they look pretty random. Sorted by "closest next episode date" would be nice.
not ordered, just take the database return order.

order by date is difficult, as sometime we have a complete date, sometime just the month ...
Great addon. Now I know when all the shows I watch start back up with ease. Would be cool if it could somehow be able to add the info to the calendar script and maybe IF POSSIBLE have reminders show somehow?
not a bad idea, i'll see that with cinpou.
I am using the transparency skin (I don't know if that makes a difference) on the latest pre-dharma (yesterday's build actually)

Only the poster view works fine. On the other two views, left, right, up and down only move to the next or previous show. I can't move the selection over to other buttons. I can only exit.

And also after I exit, the addon changes my library view for the video addons page (to fanart view if I selected banner in the addon settings)

Aside from that, in poster mode it works really well and is quite promising


PS I'll try to post a debug log in a little bit

PSS I think it might be a good idea to have time based scraping. Such as, if it's only been a few hours since the last scrape/update, it shouldn't scrape again on start. Because depending on how busy tvrage (or whatever site you're using to scrape) is, sometimes it takes a much longer time to start

EDIT: Update- In the addon settings through addon manager, if I set it to poster view, the addon starts fine, and then I can change the view inside the addon and it behaves fine. But if I set it to any other view in the settings through addon manager, then the addon does not behave well (as I explained above).
ppic Wrote:not a bad idea, i'll see that with cinpou.

Thanks hope to see that calendar feature sooner or later Smile
Latest linux svn and alaska skin I'm getting following error when I try to run this addon:
NOTICE: SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xc3' in file /home/ubuntu/.xbmc/addons/script.tv.show.next.aired/resources/lib/scraper.py on line 32, but no encoding declared;

Just for a note.
Thx for the work.
this is a non blocking error, script run fine with this.
Yo there,
Nice script. Don't you think it's really hard to read ? What about bigger fonts ? I am using the Night Skin.
butchabay Wrote:Yo there,
Nice script. Don't you think it's really hard to read ? What about bigger fonts ? I am using the Night Skin.

in script, we can't use the font we want, we are limited to skins font.

i'm using night skin, displayed on a 1080p tv, and have no problem with the reading