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Full Version: Setting IP address
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Hi There

THis is driving me nutz! I am trying to set a fixed IP, Gateway and DNS addresses in XBMC but under the Networks setting that option is not avalible. There are only 3 sub menues displayed:- Sever, SMB Client and UPnP!!!! Do I some how have to change privilege rightsHuhHuh

Please HELP.

No need to shout.

Is your device connected to the Network?
WiFi or LAN?

Btw: http://tinyurl.com/3agztdt
Sorry. Connected via LAN and currently picking up an IP via DHCP. Skin is MediaStream Redux with XBMC live version 9.11. ; ) Thx
I did google and see that link but isnt it possible to set the IP ect via the XBMC GUI??
XBMC network settings are as per OS, long gone with xbox is this option you seek.

BTW I notice that your setting up XBMC and comming across problems which already have been documented.
OK Thx. I will set IP via console.
All done now. Thanks for the help.