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Full Version: 24p and audio sync issues
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I use an Asrock 330.

6 months ago I gave up on Linux and XBMC due to not being able to fix audio sync issues. I then used a Pioneer plasma and optical out to a receiver.

I now tried the new Dharma beta on Windows 7 and to my sadness I have the same problem on a different OS with a different Sony LED TV and now connected via HDMI!

It's the same problem: If i enable "Adjust display refresh rate..." to get the TV to switch to 24p for 24p content, the audio goes out of sync by about 200 ms, most noticable in HD files. If I disable it, then sync is fine, but I then get choppy movies.
DXVA2 is enabled and I tried all forms of "Sync playback to display".

Some say they can get the sync working by enabling windowed mode as opposed to true fullscreen, but for me this results in extremely sluggish and choppy playback and so is a no-go.

I know a lot have this problem, but is there really no solution and isn't it being looked in to?
Sometimes I have had this problem if the refresh rate is at 24.000 instead of 23.976. Make sure that your 24p is actually 23.976.
does the A/V counter in codec info display this desync?

also, alot of new displays cause a big delay on output if they are running with their video smoothing enabled. not sure what it's called on sony's.

if you always have the desync (and it's not displayed in the A/V counter), just correct for it in the OSD and do "Set as default for all movies"
What do you run 23.976 material at then? It automatically selects 24p for those. I'd rather not have to manually switch between the "Adjust refresh rate" setting.

I'm not quite sure which value to look for in the codec info display. I get the following values:

a/v: ~0.03-0.04
drop: 33
pc: 24
Quote:What do you run 23.976 material at then? It automatically selects 24p for those. I'd rather not have to manually switch between the "Adjust refresh rate" setting.

Not sure what you mean by that.. It should run that content at 23.976 refreshrate if that is available in you operating system. (well it will on windows select 23hz in that case since that is normally what that is)

So A/V: is 0.03 and you have desync? Then we are not even aware of the fact that you are desync. So i suspect it's your TV that has a large delay.

Could you look for a setting about 24 -> 48/120hz or similar setting on your tv and turn it off temporarily. Not sure what it can be named. Maybe True Cinema on the sony.
elupus Wrote:not sure what it's called on sony's.
There's 2: Motion Enhancer & Cinemotion. Cinemotion uses 120hz.

Edit: Info fixed.
In XBMC I set the resolution at 1920x1280 and in the desktop it runs at 60 Hz. When I start a movie, the TV's OSD shows "1080p/24p", so to me that sounds right. I don't know if I should mess with resolutions and refresh rates in Windows as it seems to be correct?
I don't think it's the TV, since I've experienced the exact same behavious on both a Sony LCD and a Pioneer plasma. Also when playing the movies at 1080p@60Hz there's no issues at all.
Right now I have set the audio delay at 0.225 seconds for all video files and so far this seems to work. Just seems odd...
It seems to work.... wait till you play some streams and random 25p content!
The exactly same thing is going with my philips 8404h display when in 24p mode. 225-250ms sound delay is needed. Watching streamed iptv however f**** all up.
Never found a solution other than keeping @60Hz and vsync which does stutter a bit but hardly any1 ever notice. I do however... Learned to live by... Sad
If they ever manage to fix that i will be sooooooo happy. 3:2 pulldown could be the key (if i understood it right).
Auto switch refresh works fine in certain situation but it produces way more hassles than it solves (for me).
Geforce 8400GS and core 2 duo at 2,6GHz on win7.
Have to get a better card coz it messes with iptv stream deinterlacing (doesen't work). It does work properly when i put in my radeon 4890 though... Sad
Well I got 24p working...however everything with fps different from 24, stutters and chops like crazy. What I did was to change the resolution in Windows' Nvidia settings to run at 23 Hz. For some reason this eliminated the audio sync issues for 24p.
However since a whole lot of my videos aren't 24p I had to switch back to running at 60 Hz in Windows and disabling XBMC's automatic refresh rate switch.

So basically I'm still at square one, but would like to know what people's settings are in Windows desktop and XBMC setting if they got 24p working without issues,
djon, after finally getting XBMC up and running for a while, I have noticed that when switching to 23/24hz content, the audio plays slightly early when I have motion enhancer and cinemotion enabled. If I disable motion enhancer and cinemotion on my tv, and select both sync to video and sync to display via audio clock, then it seems synced.
I tried disabling Cinemotion which doesn't do anything. I can't find Motion enhancer anywhere.

Also I can't enable "sync to display" in XBMC as this reduces everything to a crawl when playing videos.
Just to join in this conversation,

I have been using the most up-to-date nightly builds since the Camelot release. The builds within the last few months have been fine regarding a/v sync and the adjust refresh setting.

However, the Beta1 build seems to have brought back some of the issues i used to have back when native dxva2 support was added. Now when i use DXVA2 & adjust refresh i get about a 200ms delay also.
I've been living with a 200ms offset on my Sony LCD since setting up a Karmic/Camelot HTPC earlier this year (currently on Dharma beta2).

Once the offset is set, it runs perfectly for all 24p content.

I've been watching a bit of 50hz content recently and have gotten use to switching between 0 and 200ms audio offset, but thought I'd poke around the forums this evening to see if I could find a more permanent solution.

Turning off Cinema Drive and Motionflow in the Features menu of my LCD seems to have fixed the audio problem for 24p content.

I guess I'll have to weigh up whether sacrificing these video features will make up for no more audio hassles.

Is there anyway of saving specific playback settings for different refresh rates? E.g. Default for all 24p content, that than just default for all videos. I know calibration settings are resolution and refresh rate specific, but are there any advanced settings to tie audio offset to these?
Using a Sony Z5800 LCD and a Nvidia GTX260.
With these settings i have synced playback in all modes.
Using XBMCSetup-Rev33573-dx with ffdshow and haali.

Nvidia Settings.
Made Custom Resolution 1920x1080 with these Frequencies:23,24,50,59,60 - 32Bit.

In XBMC Options:
Video-Playback:Adjust Display Refresh Rate to Match Video,Sync Playback to Display,AV-Sync Method=Video Clock(Drop,Dupe Audio)

System-Video OutputBig Grinisplay Mode=Windowed(otherwise wont work),Vertical Blanc Sync=Disabled

Connection from PC to Reciever ist via Optical.

Maybe its usefull for someone,for me these are the only settings where i get synced playback in All Modes.

Edit:Motionflow in Sony Settings is disabled
i have the same problem with my new samsung LED TV.