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Full Version: Where is my log file?
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Okay, this may be a stupid question. I'm running Dharma Beta 1 (XBMC Live) and I'm having A LOT of trouble playing videos of all kinds. Some play, many do not.

I'm trying to figure out why and can't find my log file. I've never had to look at one, since XBMC live has always just plain worked.

So I searched here and went to the wiki and I found out that the log file should be at "/home/<username>/.xbmc/temp/ "

My user name is "xbmc" so I SFTP'd to my XBMC Box and navigated to "/home/xbmc/" but there isn't an ".xbmc" folder in there. There's only Music, Pictures, TV Shows, and Videos.

What am I missing? Am I going about this the right way?

Thanks in advance,
Files and folders starting with a dot is hidden.
Enable hidden files and folder in your client or just write .xbmc in the path.