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Full Version: [LIVE] Can I transfer an upgraded HDD install to live image?
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I've only had my Revo 3610 a week, so this is all still fairly new, but in order to get my system working how I wanted, I first installed the xbmc-9.11-live-repack.iso to HDD. From there I;

Updated the system, and upgraded xbmc to the latest,
Installed the latest Nvidia drivers + fixed a HDMI issue with my TV's EDID,
Installed a VPN and various TV scripts for UK TV,
Got the clicks working in the menu over HDMI,
Got my trusty old xbox remote working,
Fixed a couple of other minor issues

I'm finally happy with my setup, and I would like to run this from a 16gb USB stick, and remove the HDD entirely.

I've had a search and seen references to adding things to filesystem.squashfs, but these have been fairly limited to simply editing a file here and there, which I understand - But how would I go about adding things like, the file system updates or graphics drivers?

Any help, guides or tuts, and links would greatly appreciated.. Also what might I need to do this all from windows Smile