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Full Version: TVheadend on bootable USB, under Windows?
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I’m looking at using TVheadend in conjunction with XBMC Win32 version
I need to use Windows 7 as my main OS since several apps I run are Windows only.

It is possible to use an SD card or USB drive to run TVheadend and have XBMC, running in Windows, access the TS streams from it… and all functions: pause, record, etc.

I know the PVR interface is still being worked on but wondering if running it in a streamlined Linux (usb bootable under windows) is realistic?

Thanks for the help!
it all depends on what virtualization platform you use. you'd need one that gives access to the tvtuners. there are a few that can give access to usb devices, that might work.
Yes, I forgot to mention... I'm using HDhomerun (IP connected).

As far as virtualization, I've only run Windows VM - is there a fully automatic, bootable package for Linux that runs under Win7?
e.g. - I just plug the USB drive into my Win7 machine, run 1 command and it boots Linux VM and Tvheadend? kinda like the Live CD?

thx for the help!
doubt there is anything premade