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Full Version: stream video
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would it be possible to use the android application to be able to stream the video content from xbmc to your phone? kinda like how orb works?

just a wild suggestion as Im not sure if this is possible but it would be cool to be able to stream video to the phone.
Planed for... uhm somewhere in the future.
the_alien Wrote:Planed for... uhm somewhere in the future.

What protocol are you planning on using? Have you even thought that far ahead yet, or is the "somewhere in the future" 3 android phones from now? :ºP

I was thinking about the XBMSP protocol for this the other day. While UPNP might be the lightest as far as network bandwidth, the test I have run on XBMSP seem to be only slightly more taxing on the network. Not to mention we could really do with an update to the XBMSP apps out on the net right now. Most current Android devices are capable of playing most of the normally used codecs so there should be no need to transcode. Best part would be that a simple DDNS and a port forward of 1400 would be all thats needed for the communication. Im not sure how one could do UPNP without some sort of VPN between the phone and PC.

Is it even possible to port the XBMSP protocol to Android?

Also do you know how PLEX has managed to accomplish this? Are they using AirPlay?