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Full Version: Folder images in Pictures
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Should reFocus be picking up folder.jpg images when browsing pictures?

Currently it's just showing the default 'camera lens' image both in the background and in the image on the right.


Honestly I never really thought about it. I'll look into it.
Doesn't XBMC generate some sort of collage of pictures inside the folder though? (I don't use pictures much)
Well I think so - but isn't for me in reFocus. I'll try another skin when I get home and see what happens.
No need, I just looked into it and I know why it isn't showing. I'll make some changes.

Would this take care of your request? Or would there still need to be a folder.jpg?
A problem I see with using a folder.jpg is that there's no real way of identifying whether the lisitem is a folder or a file. When using a generic placeholder image or the collage, you can.
Well I've got a load of folders named by year. I wanted each of them to display a poster of a photo that best identified that year for me when browsing the list.

So for each I created a folder.jpg of that photo. I'd prefer to use that if it's there, and fall back to the collage if it isn't? I show file extensions so I can easily see what's a folder and what's an image that way.

Or maybe there could be a little folder icon or something for the folders?

I looked into this but I don't think it's possible to show a folder.jpg when in pictures. Have you seen this implemented in a different skin?
I tested out the exact same method in the video library, and I managed to get it working there. I'll post in the development section later to see if I'm not missing anything.
I'm positive this is how it used to work in Confluence. I know I was moving up and down my year list looking and it was showing the folder.jpgs.

However it's not working now. Perhaps it's changed/broken in Dharma?

I've installed Dharma Beta 2 and this is now working again in Confluence Jeroen. Browsing my folders in list mode shows my folder.jpg for each one.

Still not working in reFocus though.


Allright, thanks for the heads up, I hadn't checked it in Beta 2 yet. I'll look into it and make this possible in reFocus 0.8.9. Cheers
Cheers! Much appreciated Smile