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Full Version: [REQUEST] hypem.com Music Discovery
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I recently discovered this site and its been really great using it. I just wish if it could be ported to XBMC via a plugin.


All it does is that it lists top 10 songs of the day/week which are voted by users.

I thank you guys in advanceBig Grin,
No one interested at all? Huh

Ok what about mix.dj ?

A website that lets users post their own mixes online, their library is amazing. Listening to music non-stop.
Eek honestly, no interest at all? I'd also like to listen to my hypem songs from within XBMC...what do I have to do to write such a plugin?

goeck Wrote:what do I have to do to write such a plugin?

I love hypem - I am looking into this. A scraper that could pull the top tracks will be the first step. Then the ability to love a track, play loved tracks, and your own subscription list.

I'm pretty weak in python area and want to improve, so this will be a good project for me. Bear with me a few weeks and we'll try and get at least the top tracks pulled.

Snipercharlie- thats some great news I'm sure the community will do whatever they to help out with coding. As for me I'm of no use at all when it comes to coding. Let me know if there is anything you want me to do.

Goodluck and thanks.

This project is going to be a hit, I know it.
I use hypem probably every day. It's a perfect way to find new music without much effort. I've been looking for a hypem plugin from the first day I started using it!
Just a heads up - this is almost done Smile

Finally had time this week to teach myself some python. It will initially have basic functionality - play Most Popular, Most Recent, My Feeds, and My Loved Songs. I can add other feeds quite easily - such as My Loved (Shuffled) etc., so let me know which ones you prefer, or if you want a folder structure such as Popular, and then all the options there, or just keep it simple.

Only options will be to add username to get feeds. No logon required.

Authorization will be added in the future to love/delove a song. Not sure how that will work out - probably have to be an additional menu option.

Right now its pulling 20 items, and will queue up all 20 items. You'll have to go to the next page to load the next 20 items.

Loving/20 song limit will be fixed in the next version (at least a few weeks away) but release should be this week.

So this plugin is based on Pre-Eden standards, so start getting those instances updated to B3!
Really interested in this. How is it coming along?
Also very interested. What's going on with this?