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Full Version: Can i resize movie window
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ok, so i figured out how to change around the layout of my front page.. it now looks a little more organized to me and unwanted items are now history. :kickass: thanks to those you pointed me in the right direction

now to the question at hand.. can someone tell me the name of the file that controls the small movie window on the mediacenter skin? i'd like to move that a bit and possibly make it a tad bigger, but i have no idea where it is. can somone lend me a quick hand here, or is this even possible?

thanks in advance :bowdown:

perhaps you could add what you've learnt to the online wiki?

you'll notice there is a page their on skinning.
found that file and modified it, then ftp'd back to box. after reboot i tested it out by starting a movie and hitting x...

no change! ... window is still the same size in exactly the same place. am i missing something here?