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Full Version: SMB network and "Invalid Computer Name" error.
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Okay, so, I used to have the SMB network working brilliantly until recently I started getting the error "Invalid computer name." I can't understand why this is happening. I read somewhere that I need to change an SMB file to properly link to my computer but am having just a little trouble locating it. I have my PC FTP'd to it so I can view the files within the HDD but can't find the file to modify it. Is there a way I can reset or alter my PC network to default settings in case I messed it up on the PC's end? I've tried creating a new home or small office network but I get the same result. May this have anything to do with the permissions set on my PC's network? Again, I'm a noob in XBMC so I need layman's terms and a little patience! My buddy came over with his laptop and XBMC can totally access his files through his shared network over my router but why not mine? I fear I may have messed something on the the permissions of my particular network... that's the only way I can explain why it's just my PC's network. Sorry for my troubles once again but any help is much appreciated! -Zen
As per your other threads, xbox platform is no longer maintained and support for it was dropped some time ago. There is however still a small active community at xbmc4xbox.org - they will be able to help you there.