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Full Version: [Collection] Additional Addons Repositories (Unofficial/Third-Party/Developers Repos)
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Additional Addons Repositories



Since there is no sticky-thread for collecting the several addon-repos i am going to start this thread.

I will try to list all third-party addon repositories, especially which are not available in the official xbmc-repo.

You add this repos to XBMC by downloading each zip file, then go into addons and choose "Add from ZIP".

Please feel free to PM me with info on your unofficial repos, or you may also post them at this thread.

Regards / Ubuntuf4n

Unofficial Addon Repositories

Nuka1195's Repo
Link--> http://xbmc-addons.googlecode.com/svn/pa...addons.zip

Hitcher's Repo
Link--> http://xbmc-repo-hitchers.googlecode.com...tchers.zip
Info: Add-Ons > Install from ZIP / Get Add-ons > Hitcher's Repository

queeup's Repo
Link--> http://queeup.googlecode.com/files/repos...-1.0.2.zip

nixa's Repo
Link--> http://sparetime.googlecode.com/files/re...retime.zip

linuxluemmel's Repo
Link--> http://luxeria-repository.googlecode.com...uxeria.zip

xbmc-passion-team Repo
Link--> http://passion-xbmc.org/addons/Download....-1.0.4.zip

BlueCop's Repo
Link--> http://bluecop-xbmc-repo.googlecode.com/...lugins.zip

dandar3's Repo
Link--> http://dandar3-xbmc-addons.googlecode.co...addons.zip

maruchan's Repo
Link--> http://xbmc-addon-repository.googlecode....addons.zip

iZE (izenl)'s Repo
Link--> http://izexbmcaddons.googlecode.com/file...addons.zip

anarchintosh's Repo
Link--> http://anarchintosh-projects.googlecode....ojects.zip

Speciality Repositories

xbmcadult Repo
Link--> http://xbmcadult.googlecode.com/svn/trun...cadult.zip

XOT-UZG (formerly "Uitzendinggemist") Repo (by basje)
Link--> http://xot.hamans.com/net.rieter.xot.rep...-1.0.0.zip
Info: Script for XOT Online TV Streaming (Framework) Addon

Advanced Launcher Repo (by Angelscry)
Link--> http://xbmc-advanced-launcher.googlecode....1.2.0.zip
Info: Advanced Launcher Addon Development Repo

Convergence Repo (by Mudislander)
Link--> http://xbmc-skin-convergence.googlecode....udisle.zip
Info: Confluence for Eden Vertical Mod

Chinese Lang Repo (by taxigps)
Link--> https://github.com/taxigps/xbmc-addons-c...-1.2.0.zip

Korean User Repo (by xbmc-korea)
Link--> http://xbmc-korea-addons.googlecode.com/...-1.0.3.zip

Russian Lang Repo (by seppius)
Link--> http://seppius-xbmc-repo.googlecode.com/...eppius.zip

Czech Lang Repo (by tomas.zemres)
Link--> http://xbmc-czech.googlecode.com/files/r...et-0.1.zip

Australian User Repo (by adammw111)
Link--> https://repo.xbmc-catchuptv-au.googlecod...latest.zip

Danish User Repo (by Ariba)
Link--> http://github.com/xbmc-danish-addons/Dan...addons.zip

Czech and Slovak Repo (by derby00)
Link--> http://dmd-xbmc.googlecode.com/files/rep...de.com.zip
Good idea, I'd found the wiki page but I'd imagine a lot more people will see them here.
better to keep it in the wiki and link it because everyone can modify / add repo.
Agree, wiki is for exactly this kind of information. No problem with the thread itself, but much better to link to the wiki and if you want update this thread as new repos are added.
Added a clearly visible link to the wiki.
Hope that at least this thread will lead some users to the wiki page.

However, additions are still welcome.
ubuntuf4n: could you add maruchan's repo to the list

please change the link for xbmc passion repo Wink
It should be possible to submit all these to the official repo, so you always have the latest 3rd-party-repo plugin updated. But as a opt-in.

Thanks for the initiative.
I was wondering if there is some sort of add-on repository list out there for public viewing? It seems like there's tons of skins, scripts, and enhancements that I like trying out, but they all seem to be on different repos.

Since not everything is available on the XBMC official repo, would it be better to have a section in there for downloading other repos? If not, can we create some sort of dynamic repo listing? Just some thoughts. Smile
Ahhh ok, thanks all. Wish the forums had better search. How do you guys feel about having a repos section in the list of add-on's?
There is one. We just haven't put any in there as most of the repositories available are development repos, which the vast majority of XBMC users are not interested in.
Ok, that makes sense. Just wasn't sure if the idea for this had been brought up before. Thanks.
ubuntuf4n Wrote:
xbmc-passion team repo
hum, this version is outdated. and is point on personal section of team passion. this version is not for public

please remove this url.


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