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Full Version: 250ms audo offset sweetspot
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OK not sure if this is common or not but here goes.

I'm from the UK so refresh is 50hz standard. I followed the guide in this forum

Perfect playback at 23.97/59.94 Hz with NVIDIA hardware

And everything works as it should with appropriate switching to refresh rates as needed and everything pretty darn smooth (with maybe 1 or 2 occasional random 1 sec jerks throughout a full movie)

However i have noticed that on some rips (ABC and CBS encodes are prime culprits) that audio lipsync will be out by 250ms. I can manually adjust this per show, film, as usual, but can't set as default as it knocks the "playing nice" encodes off sync completely.

Has anyone else encountered that and would it likely be the encoding
at fault or something else ? Ironically playing the very same files on either the windows PC and or the Popcorn Hour C200 shows no such lipsync issue. If it is the encoding how do i fix that ?

Most of my 23.976 and 29.97 content performs perfectly. So what am i missing ?