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Full Version: Intro video's and home menu addons.
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Hey guys. First off, thanks for a great mediacenter. Makes everything else look crappy Big Grin

I have two things I want to do:

1. Is it possible to make Xbmc run a _random_ movie clip before starting a movie? I have a folder with a few DD/DTS/THX intro's, from which I want xbmc to choose one, go through it and then start the selected movie.

2. Addons. I use Apple trailers lite addon, but for the life of me I can't find a way to put it in the home menu. Read somewhere that it was possible, but didn't understand the rest of the post :/

PS: Apple Trailers Lite downloads before running it, even though it's set to stream. Is this normal or a fluke?

Thanks in advance. - Judgement
For 2 checkout favourites (context menu).
and for 1) checkout the home theatre experience add-on (not in the official repo)
Thanks alot! Did take me a while to figure out where the fav's went tho Wink

Working great for me now, cheers.