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Full Version: Multi-file tv episode still not implemented?
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Taken from the wiki.

Multi-file Episodes
This feature has been temporarily disabled, the plan is to implement it in a better fashion at a future date.
You can stack multiple files into one episode. For that to be available the Stack Duplicate TV Shows Video Library setting needs to be enabled. All the files must have the same season and episode number and they all have to be in the same folder. (This is to prevent unwanted stacking of true duplicates in different folders). The items will be automatically stacked in sequential order based off the filenames being sorted in a "natural" order (like this: -part1.avi, -part2.avi, ..., -part10.avi.)

Just wondering when if ever will this be implemented again? I tried the form above because I thought maybe the wiki wasn't updated to reflect that fact that its included again but I guess I was wrong.
So I am guessing its not currently possible to do it in the dharma build then?
Nope, not enabled in Dharma.
Alright thank you for the reply.
Nothing new on this subject i take it? Smile
Correct. There are very few such files in existence, and generally no good reason for them when they are in existence, so as you can understand it's not a priority.
Okay, thanks for the update Smile
I would argue that this seems like a fairly important feature, especially for the future as more streaming sources become useable in XBMC. I have a few shows that I have configured to stream through UPnP, but I have the occasional downloaded ep in HD or something. It would be nice to have a stacking option along with some kind of menu that would allow for different video qualities to be selected, or even just a set of filters that prioritizes one over another.

That said, I can understand that this is on the list and not quite a priority right now. Eagerly awaiting the inclusion though.
Not implemented yet in Eden? Eek
jmarshall Wrote:Correct. There are very few such files in existence, and generally no good reason for them when they are in existence, so as you can understand it's not a priority.

Eden still doesn't handle multi-file episodes.

I disagree that there is no reason for them to exist.
Take, for example, recordings from my PVR. If the PVR resets or the PVR software has a hiccup while recording, then I end up with a recorded episode spread across two files. It would be nice to watch this in XBMC as though it were a single file. (maybe the gap is only a few seconds or it is during a commercial break)

The only workaround I know of right now is to put the path for each your video parts inside a .strm file and then have XBMC play that strm, which is not ideal (XBMC won't track resume point or watched status).
I have the exact same issue (also being a Sage user). As the PVR branch matures I think this will become a more pressing issue as this would be the case for any backend that had an issues during recording.

I tested multi-line .strm files and they did playback properly as 1 item and reported that to JMarshall. He mentioned it needs to be discussed on how better to handle this situation.