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Full Version: Optionally diable sending URL for video playback from phone to XBMC
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I have a question - is it possible to disable sending URL for video playback from phone to XBMC?

It happens when I'm clicking on a URL referencing a video file in a browser on my android phone. At this point XBMC is suggesting to send for playing in XBMC.

I assume that it could be quite convenient for somebody, but it can create problems as well - for example, I'm often clicking such URLs while I'm not at home. At that point instead of playing video on my phone in a media player or downloading a file, the URL is intercepted by XBMC remote control and suggests sending it to XBMC. I cannot choose to download a file or play it in my video player on the phone. This doesn't make sense for me in most cases since I'm not even at home and cannot connect to XBMC. The only mitigation plan, which I found so far - temporarily uninstall XMBC Remote control application.

If this behavior would be optional, it would solve my problem.

Also I would appreciate if somebody could suggest some workaround for the specific problem, which I'm experiencing.

Thank you.
Not 100% sure but out of the blue I'd say it's not possible - this behavior is defined in the manifest and isn't dynamically changeable.

Feel free to correct me though Smile
Why is it needed anyway?
Thanks for commenting on this, freezy.

I'm not a developer, but I will dare to offer some suggestions if it is not possible to turn it off dynamically from within the application.

May be one of the ways to deal with this would be make a separate add-on application for it. Something like XBMC Remote Video URL handler. Main XBMC Remote application would not intercept video URLs. Separate add application, if installed, would be intercepting them and calling an intent of the main application for communicating with main XBMC machine. Those who would want to play video on the phone a or tablet in this case would not install this add-on.

Another approach could be to offer initiating video file download from within XBMC application as one of the user choices for intercepted URL.

I hope that these ideas could be useful.