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Full Version: Help with lirc and remote.
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I've banged my head for hours with this, and i can't get it to work, lirc is set up correctly and works fine for everything else, but xbmc just won't react to the buttons being pushed.

The xbmc log shows the buttons being pushed, but nothing happens.
14:24:39 T:140578532751424 M:2288910336   DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 3500:00000000ffcc001b 00 DOWN Terratec (DOWN)
14:24:40 T:140578532751424 M:2288795648   DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 4121:00000000ffcc0017 00 UP Terratec (UP)

The version i'm using is svn33778.

I've copied /usr/share/xbmc/system/keymaps/remote.xml to ~/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml

This is my ~/.xbmc/userdata/Lircmap.xml
  <remote device="Terratec">

and this is my lirc config

begin remote
    name                Terratec
    bits                32
    eps                 30
    aeps                100
    one                 0       0
    zero                0       0
    gap                 203831
    pre_data_bits       0
    pre_data            0x0
    toggle_bit          0

    begin codes

###    Standard generic desktop report, type 3  ###
        Power           0x10001

###    Propietary Samsung report, type 4    ###
        HOME            0xffcc0001
        DVD_Menu        0xffcc0002
        1               0xffcc0003
        2               0xffcc0004
        3               0xffcc0005
        Subtitles       0xffcc0006
        4               0xffcc0007
        5               0xffcc0008
        6               0xffcc0009
        Teletext        0xffcc000a
        7               0xffcc000b
        8               0xffcc000c
        9               0xffcc000d
        Delete          0xffcc000e
        AV              0xffcc000f
        0               0xffcc0010
        A.B             0xffcc0011
        TV              0xffcc0012
        DVD             0xffcc0013
        VIDEO           0xffcc0014
        MUSIC           0xffcc0015
        PIC             0xffcc0016
        UP              0xffcc0017
        LEFT            0xffcc0018
        OK              0xffcc0019
        RIGHT           0xffcc001a
        DOWN            0xffcc001b
        EPG_GUIDE       0xffcc001c
        INFO            0xffcc001d
        BACK            0xffcc001e
        VOL+            0xffcc001f
        PLAY            0xffcc0020
        CH+             0xffcc0021
        VOL-            0xffcc0022
        MUTE            0xffcc0023
        CH-             0xffcc0024
        RED             0xffcc0025
        GREEN           0xffcc0026
        YELLOW          0xffcc0027
        BLUE            0xffcc0028
        REC             0xffcc0029
        STOP            0xffcc002a
        PAUSE           0xffcc002b
        LAST            0xffcc002c
        FR              0xffcc002d
        FF              0xffcc002e
        NEXT            0xffcc002f
        Blue            0xffcc0030
    end codes
end remote
Plase pastebin the complete xbmc.log
This is the full log output

And looking at the log again i see i had a syntax error Wink

working now Big Grin