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Full Version: Scan library in background?
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I seem to remember there being an option to constantly monitor library folders silently in the background while running?

Am I crazy or has the option been removed/moved?

I imagine such a feature would make using sleep rather than full shutdown easier when the need for scan on startup is removed?
there was an option to do the library updates in the background (meaning you could still use XBMC while your library was being updated) but it never monitored the library folders as far as I know
it just scanned in the background it was not an auto library updater.

there is however an auto library updater that works very well I might add. as soon as a Tv.Show or Movie gets moved into my folder the updater finds it , scraps it , and its added to my library.


That script worked wonders.

Now, if I only could somehow get my computer to actually go into sleep mode. I think the USB for the IR/LCD keeps waking it again.. Wink