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Full Version: Plugin exited prematurely
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I'm using the BBC iPlayer plugin and playing a file using JSON-RPC. The playback starts then stops immediately. This looks to be because in the debug log it thinks the plugin ended prematurely.. even though a few lines above the plugin reports it completed successfully. I think this may potentially be related to change 33743.


XBMC build is Dharma 2 and have tried on both Windows and Linux.

The iPlayer plugin works fine from the GUI. This seems to be because when run from the GUI it calls RunScriptWithParams in xbmc/FileSystem/PluginDirectory.cpp which does not seem to care about the script finishing. When run through JSON-RPC it calls StartScript instead which then calls WaitOnScriptResult. Not sure of the reason for the difference.

Looks like for some reason it's calling the wrong function. If this is 100% reproducible, please open a bug report on trac with full details as per this thread.