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Full Version: [RELEASE] WebBrick Systems (Scripts) Home Automation Control Addons
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Hi there

We at WebBrick Systems happen to adore XBMC and wanted to integrate some of our home automation kit with it. The results (and scripts) are on our community forum

Here is our youtube channel with demos of the scripts along with some of our other projects http://www.youtube.com/user/webbricksystems and here are some screenshots for you all

WebBrick Controller Script


Phone & Door Script


The WebBrick controller script is not of too much use to anyone without our kit, but the phone and doorbell scripts could be adapted to be used with other stuff. Hope this excites the home automation geeks out there!

If you want more info on what we do please look here http://webbricksystems.com/

Also I realize XBMC already has a way of displaying incoming calls, but you can't give people the option of dropping the call to answermachine.
Over the weekend we uploaded a quick video of XBMC integration in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gow-bn8UWhk

Looks good Smile I had a quick look last time you posted and it seems like a nice automation system. What i couldn't find was pricing / availability of your hardware anywhere .....
The best place would be direct from us, if you want a quote you can email us at [email protected]

The details of our kit can be found here http://webbricksystems.com/products/ , the most suitable product for you to play around with would probably be a WebBrick controller for now, the gateway is designed for systems with large amounts of the controllers.

The full technical details of the controller can be found here http://docs.webbrick.co.uk/WebBrick/webbrick6_00.pdf
In your forum you state there is a refresh issue that needs to be fixed... can you explain why there is a problem and how the fix will affect CPU usage. Reason I ask is that currently XBMC has a fairly high refresh rate which causes CPU utilization to be higher than most apps, even when idle.

To create the GUI im using imagecontrols and switching the image when the state changes. The way im doing it means the control does not become invalidated so it does not update properly, so im forcing the control to refresh. The impact on the CPU is totally minimal. Mine hovers around 10-20% while its active which is pretty much what it does while idle.
Just released an update that solved the problem with the scripts causing xbmc to crash, thanks to the xbmc team for fixing it Smile . Also put a windows build up
This is a really great script, thanks =)

But i have problem with the phone/door script.

I get an error(in the log) whe i try to close the doorbell popup when nothing is playing. On audio on video it works great.
I'm not great at python, but when i added the ELSE statemen at the end like this it works great:
        player = xbmc.Player()
        if player.isPlayingAudio():
            #dont pause with a timeout

        elif player.isPlayingVideo():
            #pause , no timeout
    except Exception, e:
        #set timeout
I have no clue on how TRY and EXCEPTION works, but with the else statement it works perfect. Is this a bug or is something fault on my end?

Also; i think i read somewhere that "playSFX" will play the sound even when music or video is playing. But this is not true? (atleast it doesnt do that in this situation)

Again, thanks for this great script Smile
Hi can you paste the error from the log please? I've had a look and i'm a bit confused as to how your else statement fixes it.
sure, its complaining about sleeperclosing. I have removed the phone part of the script, but nothing that should affect this.

14:26:36 T:3078363008 M:1311653888   DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDelayed(DLL: special://xbmcbin/system/ImageLib-i486-linux.so)
14:26:36 T:3078363008 M:1311653888   DEBUG: Unloading: ImageLib-i486-linux.so
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1311395840   ERROR: Exception in python script's onAction
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1311395840  NOTICE: Traceback (most recent call last):
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1311395840  NOTICE:   File "/home/htpc/.xbmc/addons/script.doorbell/default.py", line 64, in onAction
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1311395840  NOTICE: if action == ACTION_PREVIOUS_MENU:
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1311395840  NOTICE:   File "/home/htpc/.xbmc/addons/script.doorbell/default.py", line 71, in onClick
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1312792576  NOTICE: self.close()
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1312792576  NOTICE:   File "/home/htpc/.xbmc/addons/script.doorbell/default.py", line 77, in close
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1312792576  NOTICE: if not self.sleeperclosing:
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1312792576  NOTICE: AttributeError
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1312792576  NOTICE: :
14:26:41 T:2846866288 M:1312792576  NOTICE: 'DoorWindow' object has no attribute 'sleeperclosing'
Ok fixed the problem, new version here http://community.webbricksystems.com/pub...r.v101.zip
Anyone have this script? I know this is an old thread, but it looks like the company does not have a website anymore to download it.
Quite old thread, but just found the file in another forum.
If anyone still needs it (untested):